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Atenveldt Newcomers Meeting

Did you know that the Kingdom of Atenveldt hosts a newcomer’s meeting the third Tuesday of every month?

A&S Update for 2022

Our A&S minister has an announcement concerning A&S in 2022. Click to learn more!

Message From TRM Atenveldt

As will likely surprise no one, the best of intentions did not come without a hitch and though many hours were spent crafting careful words to deliver this crushing blow, we have been thwarted by technology and word has been shared piecemeal and not as hoped.

Northern Day in the Park

Greetings, we would like everyone to know that the day in the park event for this weekend is now open to everyone! Click to find out more.

SCA Newsletter Reminder

We are pleased to let you know that the August 2021 electronic newsletters are available for your review.

We Have a Discord!

Please welcome Discord to the Atenveldt Social Media Family! Click to find out more!

Social Media Officer Needed!

The Barony of Atenveldt is looking for a replacement Social Media Officer. This volunteer position will report to the Kingdom Social Media Officer. A Warrant is required to fill this role.

Southern Day in the Park

A day in the park has been announced for the Southern Event Day located in the Barony of Mons Tonitrus on Aug 28th. Click to find out more!

June 2021 Southwind

This is the June 2021 Southwind for the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Atenveldt-SOUTHWIND-2106Download

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