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Crown Tournament LoI

Letters of Intent for Crown Tournament are due September 4, 2023

Spring Coronation and Kingdom Champions

The glorious Atenveldt sun doth shine upon the lower Kingdom in celebration of Coronation. Amongst the thunder mountains of Mons Tonitrus, join the populace at the gorgeous royal blue Elgin Theater, and the green pastures of Arbenz Park.

Kingdom Arts and Sciences – Hail to Heraldry

On April 22, 2023 come to the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Spring Display and Competition. Let the day be filled with heraldry and color! Without our artisans we would not be able to have such lovely displays of our heraldry throughout the knowne land.

Spring 2023 Crown Information

Atenveldt Spring Crown Tournament and Warlords will be held March 18-19 in the Barony of Granite Mountain.

12th Night is Coming!

12th Night will be held in Twin Moons on January 14 at Red Mountain Multigenerational Facility, 7550 E Adobe St, Mesa, AZ 85207.

Details (pre-reg, site fees, etc) are within.

Winter Coronation and Champions

November 19 and 20, 2022 in SunDragon, you’re invited to Winter Coronation and Champions! Further details within!

Atenveldt Crown List

The list of combatants for Crown Tourney on September 17 can be found within.

Kingdom A&S Update #1


has some updates. Read more within!

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