Welcome to Our Solar Kingdom!

We bid welcome to those new and old to the Kingdom of Atenveldt! Come join in as our Kingdom re-opens to all! We will continue to have festivities going on weekly through Zoom. Stay updated with our newsletter to find out when parks are opening back up for fighter practices.

Morgan, Elizabeth, Czypser, & Mineko

Pictured: Their Royal Majesties Mark von Neumannsgrund & Katrina von Neumann

Kingdom Lands

The Kingdom of Atenveldt covers all of the state of Arizona, and contains many sub-regions across this beautiful sun-drenched land. Connect with the SCA in your community.

Kingdom Officers

The SCA is a volunteer organization, run on the hard work of many! Meet our Officers, learn about their responsibilities, and explore the many great opportunities to volunteer!

Kingdom Awards

We love to recognize our members for their dedication to the Dream! Get to know what each award is for, or help to recommend the right award for someone. You can find the information you need here!

Kingdom Events

Our Kingdom hosts many large-scale events throughout the year, which always includes: Coronation, Crown Tournament, Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition and Collegium, which you can learn more about below. Our Baronies and Shires host their own large events, as well as weekly gatherings call fighter practices and classes. The button below will take you to all of our Kingdom and Baronial calendars for upcoming events. 

Crown Tournament

Crown tournament is an event all about chivalry and ceremony. Twice a year we hold a tournament to identify our next Crowns. After a day of honorable combat a winner and their consort are named Heirs to the Atenveldt Thrones. The following day additional tournaments are held to determine two martial court positions!


Coronation is an event filled with tradition, splendor, and stardust. Twice a year current Royalty recognizes all those who helped during their reign & step down from their position. The Heirs then step up, introduce their court, and are welcomed by the populace! The event continues the next day with Champions tournaments.

Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition

All are welcome to display their arts and compete at this event. Artisans bring their works ranging from live performances and delicious delicacies to garments sewn by hand and helms  based on period models. Associated  documentation is presented, and the Kingdom A&S Champion is selected.

Virtual Kingdom Collegium

Collegium is all about learning! We gather for an event filled with classes from lecture to make and take arts, all based on arts and sciences from the Middle Ages! Classes range from textile arts, dance, and brewing, to metal work, scribal arts, culinary, and more!

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