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The Web Ministers are responsible for maintaining the Kingdom websites including design, updates, and management. They also assist with email related issues like resetting passwords, making email accounts and some other general technical stuff.

Chasing and repose demonstration by Sir Czypser
His Grace czypser

Alverik Czypser

Kingdom Web Minister (Web administrator/ maintenance)

  • Pronouns – he/him
  • Warrant Ends – 11/19/2025

Roša Duvanova doch' Sychevna

Kingdom Emergency Deputy Web Minister (Web designer/maintenance)

  • Pronouns – she/her
badge of the seneschal

Nicholo de Santi

Acting Kingdom Deputy Web Minister (Order of Precedence database developer)

  • Pronouns – he/him

Megan of Mons Tinitrus

Acting Southern Web Minister

  • Pronouns – she/her
badge of the seneschal

Want to help the web team?

This office is always looking for deputies! Contact the Kingdom Web Minister.

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