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Do you want a Wiki Page, but don’t know how to set one up? Fill this out and we can get it setup or changed for you!

We have setup 2 different forms here a simple one and a complex one. The simple one will generate a very basic Wiki Profile for yourself where the complex one will generate a much more robust and complete profile. We will also use this, if you are a peer to add you to the peerage section on the kingdom website. If you want a picture of yourself included email it to

By Filling out this form you give consent to have your info added to both the Wiki and/if the peerage section.

Simple or Complex Form

You understand that unless you are a peer the simple form will result in a page with your name, barony, and if you have an op page your heraldry and image?

Are you a Peer

What Peerages do you have?

Royal Peerages

I give permission to publish the information in a digital format on both the wiki and kingdom website

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