The Barony of Ered Sul

Highland’s War

Memorial Day Weekend – May 23-26 2024
Pre-Registration is closed. Please pay at gate (see below for gate fee).
Activities by day

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Melee Scenario – 10AM

Friday will be focused on small unit tactics on contained battlefields. Think gates and bridges. There will be no archery or thrown weapons on Friday. All fighters bring at least one weapon of 6’ or under as I am planning at least some 6’ and under battles. One...

Melee Scenario – 10AM

Saturday will look at small open fields and broken fields. Again, bring 6’ weapons as well. Bring gauntlets if you have them. Archery and Thrown weapons will be allowed in melees. There are two things we will run if the numbers and fighters work out: Progressive...

William Marshall Unit Tourney

Split into two evenly matched sides (King on one side, Crown Prince on the other). Each team starts with a purse of points (i.e. 100 gold) and a treasurer on the sidelines. When you receive a killing blow, you freeze for 10 seconds. If an enemy combatant gets to you...

Treasure Escort Scenario

In this scenario, Team A, known as the "Caravan Guards," must transport a treasure chest filled with valuable jewels. Two members of this team are designated as "Carriers" and must keep one hand on the chest at all times, symbolizing their effort to secure the...

Highland Ambush Scenario

This scenario takes place in a narrow mountain pass, simulating a typical Highland setting. Team A, the "Mountain Scouts," starts in a dispersed formation, hidden, with the mission to safely navigate through the pass. Team B, the "Ambushers," is concealed at various...

Siege of the Stone Tower Scenario

Set around a makeshift tower structure, Team A, known as the "Tower Defenders," starts inside or around the tower. They are tasked with defending the tower from an assault. Team B, the "Siege Warriors," must breach the tower's defenses using strategy and coordination....

Site Information

Do I need to be pre-registered?

No, registration will be available at gate*. We will not be charging extra at the door.

*Gate is CASH ONLY.

Are you doing land allocation or land grab?

Is there a land map?

Are there any restrictions/site rules?

  • Do NOT move the pine needles from the ground. Set-up camp on top
  • The pool, lake, and cabins are off limits. Expect to be removed from site if this rule is broken- no refunds

Do the grounds have amenities?

  • There are stone privies, stone showers, trash receptacles and potable water on site
  • Ramadas in camps
  • The main hall will be open for A&S ONLY. Hours will be announced
  • There is limited firewood available on site. Please bring your own if you would like real fire

Are pets allowed onsite?

Pets are welcome but must be kept on leash and attended at all times.

How about the ground?

Staking is allowed, just do not move the pine needles.

What else should I know?

  • Don’t forget to bring your fire estinguishers, we are in the forest
  • Daily temperatures are expected to be in the high 60’s during the day and high 30’s at night. Pack accordingly.

Camp Raymond
Boy Scout Camp Rd Parks, AZ 86018

Coming from I-40 – head SOUTH when you take the 178 exit (Google Maps will try to take you north). Follow the road for 10 miles. You will see signs for the Boy Scout Camp.

Site Hours

Thursday, May 23rd

9AM Opens

Sunday, May 26th

12PM Closes


Full event

$35 – Member (adult)
$45 – Non Member (adult)
Free – Youth (under 17)

Day Trip

$15 – Member (adult)
$20 – Non-member


$35 – no extra fee

*Gate is CASH ONLY.

Event Steward