The officers of a local group or kingdom oversee and promote nearly every type of activity we do. Whereas many officers’ activities put them out in front of fighters, classes, and crowds, many officers act behind the scenes, such as those who balance the books, organize and file event paperwork, and sort heraldic submissions. There are many opportunities to serve from the comfort of your computer desk, leaving you free to relax at local events (or serve there, too).

Chasing and repose demonstration by Sir Czypser

Current Openings

These offices are always looking for voliunteers! Contact the Seneschal office or the Office you’re interested in directly to inquire about help.

Arts & Sciences

The Minister of Arts and Sciences fosters the study and teaching of period culture, arts, and technology.


The Chatelaine serves as recruiter and welcome committee for new participants, working to answer questions, get people connected, and support retention.


The Chronicler is responsible for the assembly of the Kingdom newsletter, the Southwind. This includes soliciting articles and art, collecting event information, and other Kingdom news.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

(DEI) Office is committed to promoting the values of inclusion throughout the SCA. The focus is equity, which is just and fair inclusion into an organization in which all can participate, prosper, benefit, and reach their full potential.

Event Steward

Every event requires a steward! Learn the ins and outs on how to run a great day or weekend event!


The Exchequer is the financial administrator for the Kingdom. They are responsible for tracking and reporting spending and income.


Heralds serve as the voices of the Crowns, report and track the court business, including awards, research, teach about, and help individuals understand and create period appropriate persona names and arms, and ensure historically appropriate ceremony and documentation is created and maintained.


The Historian is responsible for maintaining the records of Kingdom history including significant events, genealogy, and regalia and coordinating local group historians.

Earl Marshal

The Earl Marshal is responsible for overseeing the promotion and safety of martial activities in the Kingdom including armored combat, fencing, cut & thrust, archery, throw weapons, siege weapons, and equestrian. There is a large team under this office to support the variety of martial arts.


The Seneschal is the main administrator for the Kingdom. They are responsible for enforcing the Society’s policies and ensuring procedure is followed.


The Sheriff’s work revolves around the physical security of persons and items at events. They also maintain the lost & found for Kingdom events.


The Signet is responsible for ensuring creation of unique art pieces are created to accompany awards given by the Crown. The office coordinates scribes (calligraphers, illuminators, printers, and other artisans) who make these beautiful works.

Social Media

The Media Relations officer is responsible for maintaining the Kingdom’s public image online.

Web Ministry

The Web Ministers are responsible for maintaining the Kingdom websites including design, updates, and management. They also assist with email related issues like resetting passwords, making email accounts and some other general technical stuff.


The Youth Minister is responsible for planning and organizing youth-oriented activities to help adults educate their children about the middle ages and engage them with the Society.

Officer Documents

A consolidated list of all forms and documents for each office.

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