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Queen's Hardsuit Champion! Coronation Weekend! Greetings to all who would vie for Queen's Champion and those who will be observing combat! I wish to see combatants on Sunday, May 21st in a bear pit - length to be determined by numbers of combatants. Fighters should...

Fabric War

As the sun warms our lands it is time for all to perform a little spring cleaning, and to possibly replace the old with something new. If you desire to update your wardrobe, or expand your collection of bobbles, come to the Market of Venice to enjoy all that the merchants have to offer.

Silent Auction for Equestrian Fence

The Kingdom of Atenveldt will be selling 4 lots (19 panels each) of used equestrian fencing panels in a silent auction format with the panels being awarded to the highest bidder for each lot.

Details within

Highlands War 29

Information within for Highlands War 29 – The War for Middle Earth

April 2023 Financial Committee

The next Kingdom Financial Committee meeting is Monday April 24th at 6:30pm. Login information within.

Website and Email Upgrades

Greetings citizens of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, I am writing to inform you of some important upgrades and changes to our website and email systems. From 04/07/2023 to 04/15/2023, there will be intermittent interruptions and site downtimes as we work to implement these...

Rapier Rules

Atenveldt’s Rapier rules have been updated.

Kingdom A&S Information

Are you thinking about or planning to display your art at Kingdom A&S on April 22nd? Are you Planning on competing for A&S champion for Czypser and Mineko’s reign. Form is within!

Barmaids 2023

BARMAIDS will be held April 28th – 30th, 2023. Further information can be found within.

March 2023 KFC Meeting

Information within to join the next Kingdom Financial Committee meeting on March 27

Spring Coronation and Kingdom Champions

The glorious Atenveldt sun doth shine upon the lower Kingdom in celebration of Coronation. Amongst the thunder mountains of Mons Tonitrus, join the populace at the gorgeous royal blue Elgin Theater, and the green pastures of Arbenz Park.

Dark Day Approaches!

Information within for Sable Knight, held by the College of St Felix on April 8, 2023

War of the Phoenix 2024

Information within regarding letters of intent for mains of War of the Phoenix 2024.

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