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Arts & Sciences Documents & Forms

Chatelaine Documents & Forms

Earl Marshal Documents & Forms

Armored Combat

Atenveldt Combat Authorization Form (Form Fillable)

Marshals’ Handbook (updated October 2023)

Siege Engine Handbook (updated October 2023)

Archery & Thrown Weapons



Society Youth Martial Handbook (Armored Combat & Rapier Combat)

Youth Authorization Form (Form Fillable)


Adult Waiver – Consent to Participate and Release Liability

Roster-style Waiver for Adults – For use at event check-in and practices

Media & Press Documents & Forms

Sheriff Documents & Forms

Volunteering Opportunities

Want to help out? Check out the open officer positions.

Document Library

Find all the useful documents from the different offices.

Kingdom History

The Kingdom Wiki has tons of useful info like award charters, history, member profiles, etc.

Fighter Authorization Cards

Request your authorizations, and print your card.

Order of Precedence

See what awards people have, their heraldry, and maybe even a photo.

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