Food Sharing: Restrictions Lifted

by | Last updated Mar 1, 2024 | All News, Official Announcements

Greetings of the Season to you and yours from the Seneschal!

After consultation with Their Most Gracious Majesties, we agree that one of the best things about this season is breaking bread with our beloved friends and family. It is in this spirit that they have agreed to lift the restrictions on food sharing in the Kingdom of Atenveldt going forward.

Please note, there are still a variety of modern restrictions depending on the sites where we attend that still may have far more stringent rules than we expect. As a populace, we must continue to abide by local government’s laws and expectations. Specifically, beyond that, site rules must be followed where applicable. The rule of masks is still enacted in these lands unless eating, drinking or fighting (or occasional exceptions for announcements and public speaking.)

It is a relief and brings me much joy to announce this to you and Their Majesties and I do wish you a most joyful and abundant season of cheer. Should you have any questions, contact me at

Bring on the Boar’s Head and be merry.

Nichelle Whitewolf, Atenveldt Seneschal (and Supervillain)

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