Armored Combat Rule Updates

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Last updated Mar 1, 2024

The Kingdom of Atenveldt’s “Armored Combat Marshal’s Handbook” (additions to Society Armored Combat Handbook) has received an update as of December 2023. While fighters will find the majority of the document to be similar as previous additions, the most noteworthy changes would be the new Authorization processes

The following is quoted from the handbook

Combat Authorization Procedures:
This authorization procedure requires a warranted authorized marshal and an experienced authorized fighter to be present. Before authorization, the fighter must have a waiver on file with the SCA to show proof of this is showing their membership. If the candidate cannot do this, the authorizing Marshal will correctly complete a waiver (SCA, Inc. form titled CONSENT TO PARTICIPATE AND RELEASE LIABILITY).

The candidates must explain the following:

  1. What are the Rules of the List and show understanding of the context.
  2. What are the minimum armor requirements for the Atenveldt?
  3. Differences in weapons in construction and usage. Such as single-handed, mass, polearms, and spears.
  4. What are the allowable target zones and the differences between mass and single- handled weapons striking?
  5. What is a “Hold” used for, and who can call it?
  6. What is the expected behavior on the field?
  7. Where can they find the current rules? They know each kingdom may be different than Atenveldt, and the rules do get updated.
  8. If the combatant is in the process of authorization for Combat archery, they need to explain the armor differences and ammo inspection.

An authorized set of fights must happen with an experienced fighter.

Within the fight, a demonstration of:(This fight does not have to be at full speed it is educational)

  1. Blow delivery, acceptance, and understanding sufficient force.
  2. What to do when a “Hold” is called.
  3. Understanding of fighting conventions for fighting someone who has been legged.
  4. Show the proper Dead from Behind in a melee process.
  5. Understand what a dead on the Ground is and how to do the process.

After the set of fights, the Marshal and experienced fighter must discuss the results and talk with the fighter about any concerns, if there are any.

The Authorizing Marshal must verify the Authorization form is filled in correctly and legibly. After signing the form, give the new fighter the temporary portion. Emailed the filled and signed document to

Explain where to find the authorization proof online at; their email account will be notified when it is processed.

To read the entire handbook, you can visit the Atenveldt Document Library, and head to the “Earl Marshal” section before clicking “Atenveldt Armored Combat Rules”. 

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