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The Kingdom of Atenveldt hosts a number of events throughout the year. These events include: two Coronations, two Crown Tournaments, and Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition.

Below you will find the calendar of events throughout the Kingdom, including Baronial events and activities.

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***IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION*** Please be aware of the following updates to online registration.

Melee Camp Approaches!

Their Excellencies, Ruadhan and Thyri and Nathaniel and Svetia invite one and all to come join us for this action packed event. Come fight, join your brothers in arms as we have minute clinics for mass weapons. Come and bear witness to the joys of polling for a new Baron and Baroness of BTY.

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War of the Phoenix

Floods, plague, and, time attempted to burn down our dream. 

But it did not succeed! 

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes in the Shadow of the Estrella Mountains, a new creature emerges to carry us on its wings to new solar heights. 

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