War of the Phoenix III – Mains Announced

by | Last updated May 11, 2024 | All News, War of the Phoenix

Greetings from the Crown of Atenveldt and Kingdom Seneschal,

War of the Phoenix III is just 10 months away and a call for letters of intent for Main Event Stewards was sounded. After reviewing the received letters, we would like to announce that Mistress Thyri, Sir Donegal, and Mistress Tetinka have been chosen. We are looking forward to the event that this group will create.

Stay tuned for information regarding the war from them.

In Service to the Dream,
Master Edward Harrison
Kingdom Seneschal


Deputy Social Media Officer

The Deputy Social Media Officer assists the Social Media Officer with ensuring that the populace is kept up to date on news, doings, and goings on about the Kingdom!
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