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Atenveldt hosts a number of events throughout the year. These events include two Coronations, two Crown Tournaments, Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition and Collegium, and the week-long interkingdom event Estrella War.
Below you will find the Calendar for Kingdom as well as Baronial events.

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Updates to the Subscription for the website.

Greetings everyone. The web team does appologize for this slight bit of confusion this is going to cause. For anyone who has already subscribed to the website, due to some technical changes we will need you to resubscribe again. You will notice some changes on the...

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Updates and Improvements to the OP and Website

Greetings Atenveldt! Last week we unveiled the Kingdom Website, OP, and Wiki. The web team continues to be hard at work at adding improvements and suggestions and trying to make the experience a better one. The OP team of Lord Matne Dona, and Noble Rosa have conspired...

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The Great Medieval Baking Show on Live From Caid

Oyez! Oyez! Our Great Medieval Baking Show event has drawn the eye of Caid. Baron Beorn of the Northern Sea, Arts & Sciences correspondent for the weekly SCA-themed webcast, "Live From Caid!," asked if he could share the event to the populace of Caid. Of course I...

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How to Get Your Event Published

Image "Joust": Detail of a miniature of the joust between Nicholas Clifford and a Frenchman, at the beginning of chapter 8 of book 2. Recueil des Chroniques et Anciennes Istoires de la Grant Bretaigne (c. 1470- c. 1480) London, British Library, Royal 14 E IV f. 81 To...

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Southwind Submissions Due

Southwind Content Submissions Due December 1 2020 for the Atenveldt 50 year January Southwind Special Edition. Please send all submissions to the Chronicler ( In service, Mistress Ari Usni, OL OPAtenveldt Chronicler

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Come to the Atenveldt 50 year Virtual Celebration

Atenveldt 50 Year Virtual Anniversary! Atenveldt rejoice! The time has come to celebrate our fair Kingdoms founding! 50 years ago a group of wonderful people held our First Crown Tournament and Coronation, all followed by revel. We now gather to celebrate with a...

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New Website and OP

Greetings from the Office of the Webminister, As many are aware, we have been without a website and OP for several months now. The Kingdom Webminister’s office was unable to fix the critical errors that ultimately took the website and Order of Precedence down....

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