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Atenveldt hosts a number of events throughout the year. These events include two Coronations, two Crown Tournaments, Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition and Collegium, and the week-long interkingdom event Estrella War.
Below you will find the Calendar for Kingdom as well as Baronial events.

News & Updates

The Atenveldt Inquisition with Baroness Miana

The Atenveldt Inquisition! The latest interrogation from the Atenveldt Inquisition has Baroness Miana of Ered Sul in the hot seat. Check out the entire series on the Kingdom of Atenveldt YouTube channel at:

News Archive

Atenveldt 50th Year Virtual Anniversary

Atenveldt rejoice! The time has come to celebrate our fair Kingdoms founding! 50 years ago a group of wonderful people held our First Crown Tournament and Coronation, all followed by revel. We now gather to celebrate with a Virtual day of games, bardic and merriment....

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Atenveldt Ethereal Court I – 2021

The first Atenveldt Kingdom Court of the new year was held today, January 2, A.S. LV (2021).To view the Court in it's entirety, please visit our YouTube channel at: Kingdom of Atenveldt - YouTube  Today in court by the words and hand of Their Royal Majesties, Morgan...

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The Atenveldt Inquisition

Atenveldt, pray attend! Nobody expects the Aten Inquisition! It has become known to the glorious Crown of Atenveldt that many members of Their populace are as yet still unknown to Them. They wish to rectify that issue and submit various populace members to an...

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