Long Live the First King of Atenveldt

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It is on this 13th day of January, Anno Societatis LVI that we bring woeful tidings to the populace of Atenveldt. Our kingdom’s history is long and mighty. We were forged by a strong line of kings and queens who have shaped and molded this land bit by bit through the last half century. Our joys have been immeasurable and our losses, when carried alone, are too heavy to bear. Today we face another such blow.

While we hope every day to honor those who have served and built our realm, today we mourn the loss of Count Richard Ironsteed. On this day, we wish our first king swift journey across the Rainbow Bridge to greet his loved ones and all those who have passed before him. Richard Ironsteed’s OP

Let us raise our glasses as the sun sets on our lands and remember not only what he helped to begin, but all those who joined hand in hand to carry us forward. We shall imagine them receiving and returning our toasts as they welcome him to the halls for his final rest.

Please share these words far and wide and speak your memories of him and those who followed. Let us see you raise your parting glass across your hearths and homes and remember what good company we have had the honor to keep.

Their Royal Majesties Alverik Czypser & Mineko of Monster Hall

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