SCA Name: Irisko Aranyas

OP Link:

What are your highest level awards you have received and what is your preferred honorific?
Court Barony/Her Excellency

When was this spotlight filled out?
March 2020

Pictured to the Right:
Argent, on a chevron between three hexagonal gemstones sable two hexagonal gemstones argent

Do you or have you ever held any warranted offices:
Current: Kingdom Regalia Officer
2014-2016 – Senechal for Twin Moons

How did you get introduced (started) to the SCA?
Connor and I had both heard about it from friends before we started dating and decided to check it out after we moved in together.

What was your first event?
Chocolate Revel 2013

Where have you played in the SCA?
Only in Atenveldt


Pictured to the Left:
Creating glass beads at a public demo- commonly referred to as lamp work

What is your persona or if you don’t have one, what is your favorite time period within the SCA and what made you choose this persona?
I don’t really have a nailed down persona. I really enjoy earlier period Slavic and Norse cultures along with Middle Eastern. I mostly pick what to get into based on the clothing they would have worn. 

What goals do you have within the SCA?
To keep moving forward. I want to keep making my outfits and accessories more period, to find new ways to keep serving the kingdom and to keep improving my art form.


Pictured to the Right:
Valkyries preparing to escort Her Highness Liz to her coronation to become Queen

What is your biggest passion in the SCA?
I divide my time between service and art.

Service– My passion is running events. I first met my Peer when she convinced me to co-autocrat Middle East Feast. I had never even been to the event but ended up having a great time learning what it takes to run events. Since then I have autocrated several Baronial and Kingdom events. My next adventure is to try and start up a mentoring program in the barony for people who would like to learn how to run an event.



Pictured to the Left:
Stained Glass  competition at Kingdom A&S
Left to Right:
Stained Glass Provost Collar. HE Tetinka Heraldic window pane. Small display pieces to show the process of painting glass. My heraldic window pane. 

What is your biggest passion?-continued

Art– I found stained glass through a crazy plan the students in my group of friends came up with after Morgan and Elizabeth’s first reign. It didn’t fully take form until they won a second time. At their step down we presented them with a large piece to celebrate their reigns that now is installed over their front door at home. I haven’t stopped since and continue to learn new techniques and methods.


Pictured to the Right:
Lord Conrad being recognized with his White Scarf

What is your favorite SCA memory?
So many…When Connor received his White Scarf. I literally chucked Tinka’s banner at her while we were getting ready for her procession to be made a Laurel when they called him. 

Is there something in the SCA that you would like to try?
I have thought about possibly running for B&B at some point but am not sure if that will be in the cards for me.

Do you have any group or household affiliations?
Nothing official. I tend to camp with my Peer.

Pictured to the Left:
An adventure while sneaking out for a break from court

If you could wake up with an SCA talent you do not already have, what would it be?
I wish I could actually understand sewing. I can put two pieces of fabric together but typically need lots of supervision while doing so.

What advice would you give a new SCA person?
Try literally everything. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into any one activity or thing. Giving every possible art, activity, service a try at some point. You never know what might become a passion for you.

What keeps you in the SCA?
The people. I have had the great good fortune of finding some of the most amazing people through this game of ours. They constantly make me want to be a better person, to work harder, to keep pushing forward.

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