What is the SCA?

What do you do!?

Welcome to the Barony of Twin Moons! You have found one of  the three Phoenix valley SCA groups, we are the east valley group! This is a local medieval recreation group who loves to explore the various styles of combat and recreating all the parts of our past that excite us. We explore anything and everything that we can think of blacksmithing, stained glass, sword fighting, brewing, archery, costuming of every type, alchemy, jewelry making, metal casting, banner making, fabric weaving, scroll making, paper making, paint making and more.

 If you are interested in exploring the middle ages with us the best place to start is our Facebook group and coming out to a weekly practice where we try to hone our combat skills and socialize with our friends. Non combatants are more than welcome and encouraged to join us as this is also our weekly social meetup.

We attempt to recreate the best parts of the middle ages while avoiding things that may be dangerous or generally not accessible several hundred years later. We love exploring the Arts of the past as well as recreating combat in its many forms. We have one of the largest collections of history enthusiasts who may not know everything but are more than willing to chase a rabbit down a deep hole to find resources to follow to recreate the most minute of details.

Weekly Fighter Practices

 Gene Autry Park 7pm
4125 E McKellips Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215, USA

We gather on a weekly basis at a public park in Mesa and exercise our ability to hit our friends with swords as well as socialize and hang out with our friends.

Award Recommendations

Have you seen someone being awesome lately! The best way to recognize them is to submit an award recommendation to the Coronets and they may end up being recognized in court for their achievements next time you see that at court!


Populace Spotlight

Here the wonderful populace of our Barony has answered some questions about themselves and their activities in the SCA! Check out their answers and learn more about the members of our group and find out what they are passionate about.

Everyone is Welcome!

Explore our website to learn more, Hope to see you soon, Huzzah!