These are the people who run our Barony. If you are interested in contacting them there is an email button below their picture, If you are having issues getting ahold of them reach out to the Seneschal who can contact them through other channels.


Lord Tiny of Twin Moons

Warrant 1/31/2025


HE Mistress Greta Brisling

Warrant Ends 4/1/2025


Lord Tibor the Indecisive

Warrant Ends 6/1/2025

Emergency Deputy Seneschal

Mistress Irisko Aranyas

Warrant Ends – 1/31/2025

Emergency Deputy Exchequer

Lady  Juliette Geant

Warrant Ends 3/30/2025


Her Ladyship Alessandra da Monte 

Warrant Ends 10/31/2025

Knight Marshal

Lady Ulrica Anna of Twin Moons

Warrant Ends  1/31/2025

Rapier Marshal

Lordship Alain Longship

Warrant Ends 9/16/2024


Archery Captain

Lady Anna Von Ahrweiler

Warrant Ends- 9/20/2025

Deputy Rapier Marshal

Open Office

Archery Lieutenant

Dróttin Farulfr Tadksson

Warrant Ends 6/1/2025

Deputy Chatelaine

Sayyida Kessa bint Badr Al Tabrizzi

Warrant Ends  5/1/2025


Lady Freydis zum Ainkürn

Warrant Ends-10/31/2025
Lady Freydis zum Ainkürn holding a parasol to protect her from the Glorious Aten Sun


Sir Seved Ribbing


Warrant Ends 12/1/2025

Minister of Arts & Sciences

Mistress Maredudd Browderer 

Warrant Ends 3/1/2025


Mi’Lord Pending

Warrant Ends 12/1/2025
Lovely Diapered variation of the BTM Heraldry


Lady Arnora Hauknefr

Warrant Ends 12/1/2025


Ana De Moravia

Warrant Ends 1/17/2025

Social Media

Lord Antonio Di Sforza

Warrant Ends 6/22/2025

Waiver Secretary

Open office

List Minister

Ibrahaim Abdul-Hameed Bin Saleem Alraami

Warrant Ends 9/1/2024