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All Baronies have awards of recognition they provide to their populace in order to recognize them for their wonderful contributions to our community

The Baron and Baroness are responsible for bestowing this recognition upon the populace however they always need help knowing who is deserving of recognition. Make an award recommendation at this link here or fill out the google form below

    Youth Baronial Awards

    • Azure Mace of Twin Moons – for skill and teaching in martial combat (Armored, Rapier, and Archery)
    • L’Ordine de la Luna Crescente (two levels, Argent and Azure; younger and older then 13) – for service to the barony

    Barony of Twin Moons Adult Awards

    • L’Ordre du Coeur d’Ambre– for courtesy and grace
    • L’Ordre de la Lune Bleue– for service to the barony
    • Order of the Crimson Mace– for skill and teaching in martial combat (Armored, Rapier, and Archery)
    • Order of the Silver Cap– for skill and teaching in the Arts & Sciences
    • Order of the Harvest Moon- for continuously going above and beyond in service to the barony


     All the adult awards have a higher level award available for continuously leading in that field, this award is referred to as Commander level and is able to typically be awarded once per calendar year.

    To view who has an award already you can view the Order of Precedence linked here.

    To view the charter for the awards you can click this link.

    To send an award recommendation to our wonderful Baron and Baroness fill out the form below or click on this hyperlink for it to pop open in a new window