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What is a Baronial officer?

Baronial, Kingdom, and Society Officers make the SCA thrive.  Officers allow the SCA to function on the Society, Kingdom and Baronial levels.  Without officers none of this would happen. The Baronial officers are the skeletal structure that allows us to handle a million different projects at a time and keep the day to day operation of our group going. There are many positions with varying degrees of skill and experience requirements.

All offices have the ability to have a Deputy, The greater offices can have an Emergency Deputy. A deputy can be someone who wants to learn more about the role to take over the office one day or someone who just wants to help out with the normal duties. The Emergency Deputy is typically someone with experience in this office so if the current officer is not capable of continuing their duties the Emergency Deputy is prepared to take over until a replacement can be trained.

All offices are required to send in a monthly report letting the Baronial seneschal know what has happened in their office over the last month.


The Baronial Seneschal is the mastermind behind everything we do, they manage the regular operations of the group and make sure we are in compliance with the Society and Kingdom rules. This is the most important officer position we have, being a deputy allows you exposure to the upper levels of managing the group and lets you find out if this would be a good role for you in the future.


The Baronial Exchequer is the Accountant of the group, they manage the bank account and are one of the most important voices when it comes to making fiscal decisions for the Barony. This is the second most important position the Barony has and being a deputy is definitely a great way to learn about the role, help out the exchequer or to find out if this would be a good fit for you.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

The A&S Minister is responsible for setting up classes for the Barony that involve spreading the Arts and Sciences such as Garb making, jewelry making, alchemy and more. This is a great role for someone who wants to share history with the masses and show others how to create awesome art in many forms. the office is expected to setup classes for the populace as well as help with Arts and Science within the community

Heralds Office

Their are two aspects to the responsibilities of the Baronial Herald, The Court Herald and the Book Herald.  Both are equally important and you do not have to be skilled in them both but it certainly helps. This position has a formal office to fill but you do not have to be in the office to dabble in the Field of Heraldry. Being a deputy for this role can allow you to focus in just one of the fields


Court Herald

The Court Herald is in charge of Court. The Herald is the host of court and will invite the populace into their excellencies court to make announcements or receive recognition for their good and noble deeds. This aspect of being a herald is what most folks are aware of. A court herald does need to be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and being the focus of attention.

Book Herald

The book herald is a great role for those with a passion for research and nuance. This position requires you to learn and understand the rules of heraldry and medieval naming practices. Do you have no idea how to start, that’s not an issue We have a wealth of books for you available as well as countless websites and Facebook groups with other specialists in this field to help you learn.

Rapier Marshal

The Baronial Rapier Marshal is responsible for attending weekly fighter practices and ensuring that the fighters on the field are fighting in a safe manner as well as guiding new fighters through the basic steps of combat. If Injuries or equipment break the Marshal is required to document it and file a report with the Baronial Seneschal and the Kingdom Rapier Marshal. The Marshal is also responsible for 2 bags of loaner gear that we supply for newer fighters to ensure they can fight safely

Hardsuit Knight Marshal

The Hardsuit Marshal is responsible for attending weekly fighter practices and ensuring that the fighters on the field are fighting in a safe manner as well as guiding new fighters through the basic steps of combat. The Baronial Marshal does not need to be a knight. If Injuries or equipment break the Marshal is required to document it and file an incident report. The Marshal is also responsible for several totes of loaner gear that we supply for newer fighters to ensure they can fight safely

Archery Captain

The Archery Captain is responsible for hosting archery practice on a weekly basis and ensuring that the archery range is utilized in an extremely safe way. The Gear that goes along with this role is quite substantial and does require you to be able to store it on your own.  If you are interested in being the captain or a lietenant you should most certainly speak to the current captain about the role.


The Baronial Signet is the Head Scribe and is responsible for making sure Their Excellencies are well supplied with beautiful Artwork to use for Awards to our populace.  This Role does require a slight artistic ability and if you are willing to learn we have artisans that are willing to teach.


The Baronial Sheriff is responsible for scheduling the Twin Moons Populace for Watch Shifts at war and handling lost and found from events.



This office is great for those who want to spread joy and happiness to the masses by helping newcomers find a nest in the SCA to get started with.  This is the role for those who are inquisitive and are willing to be a guide for those just beginning their SCA journeys. You don’t have to know how to do everything, but being comfortable to reach out and connect a new member with a specialist in what they want to try out is necessary.

Social Media

The Social Media Officer can handle many responsibilities from moderating the Baronies Facebook Group or handling publicity for the Barony on one of the many social platforms out there.

Waiver Secretary

The Waiver Secretary is responsible for ensuring attendees at practices sign in to the roster lists and are then responsible for submitting a digital copy of the waivers on a monthly basis to the kingdom officer

List Minister

The List Minister is responsible for tracking the results of tournaments and helping to establish the brackets we use to determine combat formats. This is a great role for those who want a front row seat to the fighting and can track wins and losses.

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Its easy to get started in the officer corp- Reach out to Tiny, the Seneschal by email at Seneschal@BaronyofTwinMoons.org or fill out the contact form below!

Emergency Deputy

Some of the Greater Offices are required to have Emergency Deputies. If you have held a role before but do not want to currently fill the position an Emergency or “drop dead” deputy might be the spot for you. These positions are in case the current officer needs to step back from their responsibilities due to any reason they may have and allows us to have someone step in while we look for someone new to fill the office. May be asked to help in training the new officers.


You can be a deputy for any position. Being a deputy is a great way to get a taste for what responsibilities the office holds without commiting to the office fully or to learn the role while the current officer still occupies the position so you could possibly take over for them in the future.

Why should you join the Officer Corp?

Because you want to participate in a different way.

Being an officer is a great way to get involved in the operations of the Barony and to support the group from within. Different roles will have different time commitments from a few hours a month, to a few hours a week, to a few hours per day. If you are interested in participating but are unsure of the best role for you, reach out to the Seneschal or to the Baron and Baroness  to start a conversation. We can help you find the right role for you to match your interests.  If an office is currently filled we like to have folks step in as deputy for training from the current officer and then take over when the current officers warrant expires. You do need to maintain an active SCA membership to become an Officer