The Baronial Court!

The Baronial Court is quite a spectacle to behold and takes a bit of magic to make them happen! We will let you take a peak behind the curtain and tell you more about what it takes to put on a wonderful show for the populace!

The most important thing needed for an amazing court is you! We have court to share with the populace the current Baronial business and Kingdom business, as well as to provide the populace with recognition of their amazing skills and prowess in their respective fields. If you want to help with court the easiest thing to do is submit award recognition for your peers, the Baron and Baroness can not see everything that is happening out there and need you to pass on the tales of their populace so they can be appropriately recognized!

When watching a court their always seem to be an overflowing amount of people around the thrones! Who are they and why are they there?

Typically the chairs you see center stage will be the thrones for our awesome Baron and Baroness, you may feel tired but resist the urge to test out how comfortable those seats are as they are exclusively reserved for the ones wearing the special hats and their predecessors who previously sat upon those thrones.

One of the people you will hear over and over throughout the court session is the Baronial Herald, this is typically a special position held by a warranted officer that works closely with the Baron and Baroness to orchestrate the show. The Herald will call the populace into court to receive their recognition or make announcements, they will also read the scrolls created by our Scribal Office that are handed out with the awards that are provided to the populace so pay close attention to the Herald. Occasionally the Warranted Herald may not be available so we will have a guest performer step in and as a Stunt Herald to run the show.

That covers in front of the throne but what about the collection of menacing faces behind the thrones?  Have no fear! Those armed thugs will typically be the Baronial Defenders protecting their excellencies from the roving bands of fruitful marauders that plague our kingdom. The Defenders are chosen once a year at a tournament of skill. We have champions of all flavors from Archery, Arts & Sciences, Bardic, Hardsuit and Rapier. All it takes is winning the tournament, a small fruit sacrifice, and you get a backstage view of everything going on in court and all you have to do is stand there and look thuggish.

BUT WAIT! THATS NOT ALL YOU GET! There are also normally one or two lovely people behind the thrones whispering in the Coronets ears or they may be frantically running around or may calmly be standing there like master puppeteers. They will typically be the Ladies in Waiting for the Baroness who makes sure everything is running smoothly. They have the scrolls and awards ready to hand over when the populace is called in to court. They may also make sure that the Baron and Baroness have full mugs and snacks if they are feeling a little peckish sitting through a long court the King and Queen may of commandeered.

If you want a spot on the court reach out the Baroness or her Head Lady in Waiting and they can schedule and teach you about what to expect and get you set up attend Her Excellency at the next event!