Join in on the current Middle Ages!

The SCA has kingdoms, baronies, shires, households all over the world! Here in Arizona we have Baronies and shires that stretch the entire state. Once you find your local group, you can join in on weekly gatherings called “fighter practices” as well as arts nights, dancing, music classes and more!

We are, at our core, a social group. As a society, we play what is called “living history”. Some have argued we’re a LARP, but that’s up for you to decide (but you won’t find any orcs or faeries around)!

Here are the basics

There are lots of ways to get involved

We celebrate the best parts of history by recreating arts and sciences (cooking, sewing, brewing, blacksmithing, and more), exploring and practicing medieval combat styles, and practice the courtly graces including dance, poetry, and song. With over 2000 years of history and a whole globe of different cultures to explore, the options and opportunities are almost limitless.

Find the community for you

The SCA is an international organization which is split into 20 different Kingdoms. Within each Kingdom there are smaller groups based on your region. The Kingdom of Atenveldt is known by many names, like the Land of the Sun and the Solar Kingdom because we encompass all of Arizona’s sun-drenched lands. Connect with one of our nine different local branches.

The “SCA” is an educational non-profit

The Kingdom of Atenveldt is just one kingdom within a larger organization called The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Beyond being a hobby, the SCA is also a social group and inclusive community. Most importantly, it is a 501c3 educational non-profit organization dedicated to the research and recreation of pre-17th century and medieval culture (600 BCE-1603 CE).

Volunteering Opportunities

Want to help out? Check out the open officer positions.

Document Library

Find all the useful documents from the different offices.

Kingdom History

The Kingdom Wiki has tons of useful info like award charters, history, member profiles, etc.

Fighter Authorization Cards

Request your authorizations, and print your card.

Order of Precedence

See what awards people have, their heraldry, and maybe even a photo.

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