Kingdom Deputy Waiver Secretary

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The Deputy Kingdom Waiver Secretary is delegated specific tasks instructed by the Kingdom Waiver Secretary. The Kingdom Waiver Secretary’s overall duties are: 

  • Be warranted by, and report directly to, the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown, with copies of reports sent to the Kingdom Exchequer for cross-tracking of Non-Member Surcharges
  • Ensure that all required waivers, rosters, and sign-in sheets from Kingdom Calendar Events, Locally Publicized Events and Populace Meetings in Atenveldt are collected and safely stored within 30 days after each event
  • Ensure that waivers for each event can be located and provided to the appropriate officials in the event a specific waiver is required.  This shall include storage of all original executed waivers, rosters, and sign-in sheets, or legally accepted facsimiles, in such a manner that a responsible party can easily retrieve any needed waiver
  • Coordinate and administer storage of waivers to ensure that Atenveldt maintains adult waivers for seven years and minor waivers for 20 years
  • Waiver Event Log: Maintain an annual waiver event log that shows all events held by local groups in Atenveldt (except the Estrella War), and whether waivers are received and stored for the event
  • Warrant and maintain a current roster of subordinate officers (Local Group Waiver Secretaries)

Kingdom Webminister

The Atenveldt Webminister is responsible for maintaining the kingdom website, op, wiki and other resources such as email through the kingdom gsuite.
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