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Greetings unto the Populace of Atenveldt, SCA Seneschal and Their Majesties of Atenveldt,

It has been my honor and privilege to be so trusted with the keeping of my beloved kingdom and her laws. Though there was no obvious or singular path to get us through the unique challenges, we seem to be reaching the other side with new opportunities opening to us and the lands in reasonable shape. We have most officer positions filled, kingdom and baronial (finally!) healthy financial status and a new set of kingdom laws to be published as of September.

Unfortunately, my ability to remain in the office is constrained by modern obligations that include sporadic travel and long hours leaving me with too little time to attend to the needs of this office. It is thus my duty to advise you all that I am resigning early from my office and will depart formally by December, once the Crown and soon-to-be-heirs have confirmed their preferred selection.

I am still currently in office, though it is more likely that you will see an increase in communications and delegated presence by my emergency deputy, and current right hand, Lord Edward Harrison. We both have the highest needs of the realm in the forefront and where I am unavailable to act, Edward will be fully capable to proceed as my delegate.

Please review the posting from July 11 th that provides some details about the responsibilities of this role.

A reposting will occur (perhaps even beating this letter) along with repeated publication in the SouthWind. If you are interested in joining this office, as always, whether as a deputy for projects or with the intention of achieving this role, please submit your letters of intent along with your SCA resume and modern qualifications no later than November 1 st to the following addresses:

Heirs@atenveldt.org (they will see it when they access the email)

Please anticipate the welcoming of a new kingdom seneschal (Or be welcome if you are selected) at Coronation, November 19, 2022.

Best of luck to all,

Kingdom Seneschal, Atenveldt

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