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Last updated Mar 1, 2024

Greetings Atenveldt!


Words cannot truly express the gratitude to the staff of the War of the Phoenix! They have spent countless hours ensuring the success of this War…and it was truly a success! Without the vision and hard work of each and every one of you, this event could not have happened. 

Thank you to all that volunteered time at the war to help make the load on the event staff just a little easier! Whether it be helping with set-up at the start or tear down at the end, a shift at the gate or the watch, or ensuring the fighters were well hydrated (these are just some of the areas where people volunteered), we appreciate you giving time out of your war to help where it was needed! 

Thank you to the populace of Atenveldt, and those from our cousin Kingdoms, for attending the War of the Phoenix. Without all of you giving this war a chance, all the work done by the war staff would have been for nothing! Thank you to those that traveled great distances to come to war. We hope you felt the love and hospitality of Atenveldt! And to the members of our populace, thank you for hearing the rally cry and coming out in great numbers to provide that hospitality! 

And finally, thank you the Aten sun for shining bright over the war!  

Our hearts are filled with stardust and minds with wonderful stories from the War of the Phoenix. We hope that is the same for everyone that attended! We hope all had safe travels home and look forward to seeing you at the War of the Phoenix again next year! 


Craven & Elzbieta 

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