Spring Crown Tournament

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Calling all brave and noble knights and ladies! The Crown Tournament is just around the corner, and this Spring, the stakes are higher than ever.

The King and Queen are seeking to find heirs to the throne, and the Crown Tournament is the perfect opportunity for all fighters to prove their mettle and highlight the chivalry that comes with representing their consorts.

The Crown tournament will be held on the second day of March, 2024, followed by Champions’ Tourneys the following day.

If you are a brave and noble person who is interested in becoming the next ruler of the kingdom, then the Crown Tournament is the place for you. Send in your letter of intent today and prove that you are worthy of the crown!

To compete for the Crown, Letters of Intent are due no later than February 1st, 2024. Please send your letter of intent to the Crown (Crown@atenveldt.org) and Kingdom Seneschal (Seneschal@atenveldt.org). For information on what they should contain see the January Southwind.

Good luck to all contestants!

The site opens to campers at noon on March 1, 2024, and closes March 3, 2024, at sundown.

It is a primitive site with no water or electricity. Not ADA friendly. Cell service can be spotty. Pets are allowed on-leash. Dry RV space is available but must register with the site autocrats as space is limited. There will be no merchants. Everyone needs to plan to pack out whatever you pack in. Above ground fire pits only.

Site Fee: $25 Adult Member (age 17+) $30 Adult Non-member (age 17+), Children free (16 & under)

Address: 221 S 331st Ave, Tonopah, AZ 85354

Directions: Take your best route to I-10 and N 339th Ave/Hassayampa Rd, exit 103 from the I-10. Head South on N 339th Ave/Hassayampa Rd. Turn left onto Van Buren St. Turn right onto N 331st Ave.

Autocrat: Dame Kirsten Matz, (FB messenger: Trina Taylor), Email: renaissancepenguin76@gmail.com

Co-Autocrat: Lady Rachel Flora MacDonald, (FB messenger: Rachel Blaisdell), Email: rpiquette72@hotmail.com

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