Outdoor Mask Mandate Lifted Immediately

by | Last updated Mar 1, 2024 | All News

Joyous news from the Seneschal!

Like most of you, Their Majesties and I have been watching with hopeful relief as the infection and illness numbers steadily decrease throughout the lands.  Their Majesties have noted with much exuberance, that effective immediately, the outdoors mask mandate need no longer be required.

Our in-person gatherings, of all kinds still require completion of the COVID tracing sheets, as well as a visible opportunity to read the event risk notification until such time as the Board of Directors removes these conditions.  

NOT YET REMOVED: If the gathering is INDOORS, masks are still required unless eating, drinking or making announcements.

There are likely to be many folks who will continue to wear masks, a choice that TRM and the members of this office will support.

As always, if things change for the public, we will make adjustments as needed; however, this is hopefully a welcome relief. It remains all of our hope that we see the dramatic effects of this illness come to an end. We all still ask that if you have knowingly been exposed or are experiencing symptoms, stay home.

For us to continue to reduce the mandates and requirements, we must be a part of evidencing that we can, as a populace, be supportive of one another, flexible and share in our duties to keep one another as safe as we are able. In the event you are approached by a volunteer to enforce these few remaining requirements, please continue to show them the grace and courtesy as you would expect to receive.

As always, I remain the Crown and Kingdom’s humble servant,

Nichelle Whitewolfe, Seneschal of Atenveldt

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