Missive from the Crown on BoD Statement

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Warm Greetings Unto the Populace of the Solar Kingdom of Atenveldt from Their Royal Majesties, Morgan and Elizabeth, Their Royal Highnesses, Czypser and Mineko, and the Kingdom Seneschal, Duchess Nichelle!

Below, you can read the Board of Directors’ missive today, which gives the ability to require proof of vaccination or current negative test results to the kingdoms with regards to in person gatherings.

A Downloadable PDF of the announcement can be found here: SCA Covid Policy

Board of Directors missive can be read here:

We want to assure you all that We have attended meetings with the BOD on this matter, and have carefully considered the ramifications both for enacting this directive, and for choosing not to enact it. The Board’s guidelines on this matter are quite inflexible: if a kingdom chooses to enact this resolution, then it must be adhered to at all gatherings, to include events, fighter practices, officers’ meetings, and the like.

Given Atenveldt’s current track record of protecting each other through the continued use of masks at in person gatherings and low incidence rate of any positive cases being reported at such gatherings, We are resolved at this time to not enact the Board’s resolution. We do ask that you all continue to wear your masks, wash your hands frequently, and be sure to stay home if you feel ill or suspect that you may have been exposed to COVID.  Please be aware that should circumstances change for the worse, this resolution may be enacted at a later date.

Our first priority is keeping the people of Atenveldt safe, while providing avenues to pursue the Dream for all.  We can see the end of this terrible plight, but We’re not there quite yet. It is Our greatest hope that with a little more time and diligence, this terrible foe will finally be defeated.



 Morgan and Elizabeth, Crown

Czypser and Mineko, Crown Heirs

Nichelle, Seneschal

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