Meet the Masters Kingdom A&S – April 20

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Your kingdom A&S office alongside the Barony of Tir Ysgithr invite you all to join us at this year’s first ever Meet the Masters event. 


So much to see and do there is something for everyone! We are kicking off a new event that can only be described as an Art-Con/Expo. An expo of artisan booths with art demos, make and takes and non-stop discussion of art and sciences of all kinds including fighting arts. 


There will be discussion panels throughout the day, a performance area for all of our bards and minstrels as well as a tournament for heavy and rapier fighters. 

The Expo/Demo area- This part of the event is were artisans and groups of artisans will have booth space to demo their preferred artform. Each booth is encouraged not only to display their art but to demo and though not required we ask you to consider a small make and take. People will have the opportunity to walk through and ask questions regarding processes, required equipment, as well as where to acquire supplies. You are welcome to have your own booth space but are also encouraged to partner up with other artisans who do the same or similar artforms. Artisans that make items for sale are welcome to do so at their booth.
Town Square Busking- Are you a performer? Bard? Minstrel of any kind? This part is for you! You will have the opportunity to sign up to “sing for you supper” so to speak. Event goers will be given a small bag of chookies upon signing in at gate. They will then be able to use these chookies to “pay” the buskers (performers). There will be a designated performance area where performers will have a scheduled up to 10-minute timeslot to perform (and can have more than one timeslot throughout the day). Performers will be given a cup to shake at the crowd for chookies before, during and after their performance. At the end of the day chookies will be tallied and a winner declared, Busker extraordinaire.
Tournament of Grace and Beauty – That’s right, heavy and rapier fighters it’s time to get your tournament on with the Tournament of Grace and Beauty. This tournament isn’t just about prowess, it’s about the heraldry, courtly graces and chivalry displayed before during and after the tournament. For this tournament there will be several things aside from prowess considered for the grand winner. The following are things we are looking for. 1. Heraldic Expression- Examples would be any form of heraldry in the form of clothing, banners, introductions into the fighting area either by the fighter themselves or by a herald. 2. Courtly Graces- Examples would be how you introduce your consort and honor them throughout the tournament, including the giving of a favor to the fighter. 3. Show of Chivalry- Example would be how you communicate and treat the other fighters and or martials as well as onlookers. The tournament style will be decided depending on how many fighters we have sign up. All fighters will be required to show their fighter card during sign in for the tournament.
Merchants- If you would like to merchant at this event please fill out the registration form attached.
Discussion Panels- There will be a few panels throughout the day and we will post the titles and host in a later missive after we have confirmation. But some of the potential panels might include subjects such as; Making more period garb, SCA camping 101, Scribal art where to begin, Finishing your outfits the art of accessorizing, The transition to Cut and Thrust.
Pot Luck Luncheon- We are asking those that would like to participate to bring a dish to share. We will be having a pot luck lunch so bring your feast gear.
The event will be held at Cross Middle School 1000 W Chapala Dr. Tucson AZ 85704 This is a DRY site. That is also handicap accessible. Date: Saturday April 20, 2024 Site Opens at 9:00 AM Site Closes at 5:00 PM Site fees: Pre-registered discount $20 for members Pre-registered discount $30 for non-members At gate for members $25 At gate for non-members $35 Free for youth 17 years and under Site Stewards: Baroness Magdalena Waclawowa email – and potluck wrangler Event Stewards: Mistress Emeludt von Zerssen email –

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