Kingdom Arts and Sciences Is Approaching!

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Did you know that the Arts and Sciences is more than just the competition? There are classes, a largess derby and a bag drive, as well as a clothing exchange. Come and spend your October 15 with your Kingdom in a celebration of all things artistic!

Here’s what we have going on!

1:   We are still looking for teachers for classes so here is the link to sign up.

2. There will be a largess bag drive so we are accepting cloth bags of all shapes and sizes.  There will be a drop off location at gate.

3.  We have a menu for the box lunches If you have already pre-registered for the event and did not select the lunch at that time, not worry just message Duncan the Sinister at or Emeludt von Zerssen at or message them on the book of faces. You wont want to miss out on this lunch for sure

Beer braised pork (Viking pulled Pork)
Honey Glazed Chicken drum sticks
Fridas Sour dough Bread
Greens with Roasted Root Veggies nuts and dried fruit with a honey Skyrr dressing
Dessert is Apafelkuchen (apple cake)

4.  HRM has asked our artisans to have a largess derby that she can pass on to her heirs.  This will be a twins derby but you are welcome to bring more than just the two.  There will be prizes for the populace choice.

5. We have a new documentation form! This form is one page and must accompany all entries for the Golden Sun Championship.  This is the minimum requirement for all documentation.  You are welcome to have a more detailed documentation along with this form but this documentation form has to be filled out and presented with your display.  We look forward to seeing who HRH Craven and Elzbieta choose as their A&S champion.

The form can be found here: CLICK HERE!

6. You do not have to have your project completed to display or compete.

Here is the link to pre-reg.

7.   There will be a garb exchange. Do you have a garb that you can no longer wear or want to wear do you need garb bring your garb exchange it.

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