Crown Tournament List -Fall 2023

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Greetings unto the Solar Populace,

A call was sounded far and wide for those that wish to compete for the honor of the Crown of Atenveldt. Members of the populace have answered that call and their Royal Majesties have deemed the following individuals worthy.

In no particular order:

Duke Morgan Æthelwulf doth compete for Duchess Elizabeth Æthelwulf

Count Thomas De Revele doth compete for Master Sebastian of the Titans, Archimage of the Mountain

Count Marek the Jew doth compete for Countess Golda Ferch Deiniol

Sir Cona MacPherson doth compete for Mistress Aesa Ongull

Sir Dougal MacPherson the Tall doth compete for Mistress Aimee Douglass

Sir Rhys Ravencroft doth compete for Baroness Aurora de Ivory

Sir Silvestro lo Nero doth compete for Lady Rachel Flora MacDonald

Sir Thorin vor∂r Ó Séaghdha doth compete for Mistress Kolgríma Asgeirsdóttir

Sir Valora Tou Ayiva doth compete for Syr Nikita Dobrynia Kievich

Syr Nikita Dobrynia Kievich doth compete for Sir Valora Tou Ayiva

Koga Takashirou Kagehiro doth compete for Hamasaki Eiwa Miyako

Thegn Sir Rúadán Mac Dhubhgaill doth compete for Bannthegn Mistress Thyri ingen Aedain ui Rigain

Sir Wolfgrim Kobrandson doth compete for Viscountess Wander Riordan

Sir Baldric der Krieger doth compete for HL Hürrem bint Osman al-Urdani

Lord Fergus Mór mac Seáin doth compete for Lady Isla Melrose

Lady Ulrica Ulfsdottir doth compete for Lord Luther Von Eissen

Armiger Khalil ibn Azwar al-Khalidi doth compete for Armiger Abd al-Qaadir ibn Ishaq al-Khalidi

Armiger Abd al-Qaadir ibn Ishaq al-Khalidi doth compete for Armiger Khalil ibn Azwar al-Khalidi

Lord Adam the Fox doth compete for Lady Jenna of Frehope

Lord Liam Warr doth compete for Lady Cwenhild Saeweardesdohter

Lord Lodinn Feilan doth compete for M’Lady Isolde Wolfstenholm

Lord Danyel Vendredi de Lyon doth compete for M’Lady Freydis Thistle

Lord Frans Leifsson doth compete for Lady Kazimira von Danzik

Lord Criostoir Simpson doth compete for M’lady Gwenhwfor Simpson

Lord Charles the Bear doth compete for Lady Moira Fhionn Inghean Ui Raghallaigh

Lord David Vanason doth compete for Sir Rhys Ravencroft

In Service,

Master Edward Harrison

Kingdom Seneschal

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