Crown Tournament and Field Coronation

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Last updated Mar 1, 2024

Hale and Well Met, Populace of Atenveldt!

As you know, Crown Tournament was, by necessity, required to be rescheduled. While we could continue to move the dates and extend further and further into the future, the Crowns and the seneschal’s office have agreed to try something new.

We are urgently seeking bids for not only a replacement for Crown Tournament, but one that also meets the requirement for Coronation. We have had some sidebar conversations and have a few possible areas, but no formal bid received and no location locked into place. Please submit your bids to as soon as possible.

The date:

  • Crown Tournament and Coronation is intended to be held on April 9, 2022

o   Note that this is NOT a permanent change to our selection and coronation process

  • Champions tournaments (those that are possible) are intended to be held on April 10, 2022

The needs:

  • Space for a tournament that includes a multi eric field and pavilions for monitoring
  • An area that can be beautified for a coronation to be held some hours after the tournament
  • A space near enough to hotels that participants and guests can stay close by overnight
  • Opportunity and space for Champions competitions the next day

Fighters and Consorts, prepare!

Not only would you be fighting in a tournament that day, but must be prepared to become the Sovereign and Consort that night and take over the many duties and obligations of the Crown of Atenveldt immediately.

Please be ready and on standby for additional details that will be forthcoming as the date draws nigh.

Many thanks unto you all for supporting the kingdom in all the ways that do while we continue to meet and overcome a variety of challenges as we proceed into the future.

Once the shock and awe passes, I invite you, as always, to contact me with any questions.


Nichelle Whitewolfe

Seneschal, Kingdom of Atenveldt

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