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Queen’s Hardsuit Champion! Coronation Weekend!

Greetings to all who would vie for Queen’s Champion and those who will be observing combat! I wish to see combatants on Sunday, May 21st in a bear pit – length to be determined by numbers of combatants. Fighters should bring their favored styles, but feel free to mix it up if you wish!

Chivalry & Gallery: I would ask you to observe the field and fights, marshal if needed, but tokens will be granted to members of the Chivalry and select members of the gallery watching that you can turn into List for inspirational points. The combatant(s) who have the most tokens next to their name at the end of the bearpit will gain an advantage.

Unbelts: Inspirational points might be obtained by observing Chivalry noting you just had a great fight, did the right thing and were bested, but you lost the match with honor. Or maybe you might have had the best fight of your life – showed off great footwork and won the match! I always like watching enthusiasm in a fight! I’m not asking anyone to give up an earned advantage (arm/leg) for perceived points of Chivalry, that is not what I’m looking for.

The final matches will then be called and the combat will continue in a tournament style. We hope to see many Unbelts on the field to make this as fun as possible.  We moved the King’s Hardsuit Champion to Highland War to spotlight this tournament.  Let’s really show off!

The Champion will be determined by fighting, inspiration and comportment on the field.  The winner of the tournament may not necessarily be the Champion, but it won’t hurt!



Archery & Thrown Weapons Champions! Coronation Weekend!


We will be holding a tournament for Royal Archers and Thrown Weapons Champion at coronation. We are very excited that archery and thrown weapons will be held at the same location and time along with Queen’s Champion and King’s Cut and Thrust Champion on Sunday of Coronation (May 21). If you aren’t already participating in thrown weapons or archery, we recommend stopping by and showing them support. The community is vibrant and growing.
The tournament will be a challenging ring and wand shoot; where the ability to control your windage and elevation will be cruicial. We will do our best to accomodate any youth that would like to compete, and will provide further details on the day of the tournament.
May your projectile always find it’s target.

HRH Czypser and Mineko


King’s Cut and Thrust Champion! Coronation Weekend!
At coronation we will be having a King’s Cut and Thrust tournament. You’ll probably notice a bit of a theme, in that there’s going to be a lot of fighting. We love watching fighting just as much as We love participating, so We’re gonna give you all what We want .
The King’s Cut and Thrust tournament(s) will be as follows:
–5 Tournaments–
– Each Tournament will be 2/3 single elimination
– Tournament 1: Single Sword
– Tournament 2: Sword and Defensive
– Tournament 3: Sword and Offensive
– Tournament 4: Saber
– Tournament 5: Long Sword
– The winner of each tournament will fight in the overall final (potential of 5 finalists).
– Finals: Single Fight, Single Elimination until there is only one!
Bring your best, and slay all the rest!


Kings Champion at Highlands War

King’s Champion will be a little different this reign, so buckle up.
First: We will not be having King’s Champion at coronation, it will instead be done at Highlands on Saturday after the Melees. We will be having Archery, Kings Cut and Thrust, and Queen’s Champion (Non-belts only) at coronation, if you are unable to participate in one of these tournaments I would love to promote spectating these tournaments.
Second: The tournament will not be restricted to knights alone. Knight’s will be the only ones allowed to vie for champion, they are also welcome to participate and NOT compete for champion. NON-BELTS!! This is your chance to come beat up the knights and show off.
Third: the tournament will be three consecutive bear pits. The bear pits will be 1) Weapon of choice, 2) Two Handed Weapons, 3) Two Weapons.
Fourth: To enter the tournament, you will be required to bring a single handmade item. This tournament will be a prize tournament, where the prizes will be the entry fee. This means that at the end of the tournament, we will tally the points from the bear pits, and starting from highest points to lowest points the fighters will choose a prize from the pool. Highest Points may not mean that you are champion.
We hope to see you there!



Bard of the Sun at Highlands War

We will be holding the Bard of the Sun competition at Highlands War. We wanted to give ample time and attention to those members of the bardic community and allow them to shine. We ask all poets, singers, wordsmiths, storytellers and bards to participate as they wish. There will be no limitations on performances, however be thoughtful of the other competitors while thinking about time. We will note crowd entertainment when considering our Champion. The competition will be held in Royal Camp 1 hour following court on Saturday of Highlands War (June 10th).
We look forward to hearing what you bring to claim the title of Bard of the Sun!




Czypser & Mineko

Pringkepas & Pringképissa

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