Atenveldt Crown List

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To the populace of our Solar Kingdom,

Their Majesties have searched high and low for worthy heirs and have compiled a list to participate in their tournament for the right to serve the Kingdom of Atenveldt. In just a few weeks a victor will be determined and have the privilege of swearing an oath to protect and defend the populace. As banners fly in the sun, all eyes with be on the tournament field that day. Fight well and honorably.


Below is the list of combatants and their consorts, in order of the fighter’s precedence.  

Duke Arthur O’Flaherty for Duchess Gabriela Juliana de Bordeaux

Duke Cosmo Craven for Duchess Elzbieta Rurikovskaia

Count Thomas De Revele for THL Sebastion of the Titans

Count Marek the Jew for Countess Golda Ferch Deiniol

Komes Alverik Czypser for Komitissa Mineko of Monster Hall

Komitissa Mineko of Monster Hall for Komes Alverik Czypser

Thegn Sir Brendan mac Artuir for Bannthegn Tigra MacKay of Marwoode

Sir Domingo Diaz de la Vega y Martin for Mistress Sancha Galindo de Toledo

Sir Silvestro Lo Nero for Lady Rachel Flora MacDonald

Sir Thorin vor∂r Ó Séaghdha for Mistress Eilidh MacMurtrie

Syr Nikita Dobrynia Kievich for Sir Valora Tou Ayiva

Sir Valora Tou Ayiva for Syr Nikita Dobrynia Kievich

Sir Sean Glenny for Countess Irina Dionisiya Tolochkova

Sir Caell Robertson for Mistress Emelyn Katrin Fraser

Sir Reitz Nader Der Grothen Schwartzen Hanen for Mistress Arianna Marie Della Luna

Sir Demetrious of Crete for Lady Avelina Scarlett

Sir Marcus Octavius Valerius for Magnifica Sely Bloxam “Blossom”

Sir Grigor Montgomery for Lady Lasairfhiona Inghean Ui Neill

Sir Baldric der Krieger for HL Hürrem bint Osman al-Urdani

Thegn Rhys ap Trahaearn for Mistress Helen Jennet of Foxhall

Thegn Seved Ribbing for Banthegn Tetinka Ribbing

THL Wade Greenwall for Mistress Ros Inghean Ui Ghallchobhair

Lord Nikodemos Synadenos for Lady Ida Grim

Lord Charles the Bear for Lady Moire Fhionn Inghean Ui Raghallaigh

Lord Jakob inn rammi for Lady Ermesinde de Champaigne

Lord Tiberius Nautius Josephus Africanus for Mistress Maredudd Browderer

Lord Fergus Mór mac Seáin for Lady Isla Melrose

Lord Donndubán MacEógain for Lady Venora O’Davoren

Lord Rainulf Lion for Lady Octavia Maria

Lady Ulrica Ulfsdottir for Sir Elias Loredan

Lord Eugene Haraldson for Lady Alycie Wylde

Lord Jorgen Unruh for Lady AEsa Knarrabringa

Lord Rook Talmotte for Lady Dominic De La Mer

In Service,

Lord Edward Harrison

Kingdom Emergency Seneschal

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