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Welcome to the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Collegium–Ars Enim Artis Causa!! If your Latin is a little rusty, that translates to “Art for Art’s Sake”. While this saying in the scholarly language of Latin may inspire you to dress in your loveliest Roman garb, we encourage you to wear whatever you are most comfortable in to attend classes.


Date: Saturday, October 14, 2023

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Kyrene Apprende Middle School, 777 N Desert Breeze Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226

Site is Dry. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND. No Smoking or Vaping.

Event Fees:

Early registration by October 7: members $20 / non-members $25/ youth under 18 free

Register at gate (CASH ONLY): members $25 / non-members $30/ youth under 18 free


Preregister at this link: 


Arts and Sciences Collegium


We look forward to offering classes in cooking, embroidery, garb, leatherwork, the martial arts, metalwork, music, weaving, etc…and not just a single class for a subject but multiple classes that those who wish to learn may dive deep into their studies. TEACHERS, WE NEED YOU! Please sign up to teach using this form: 


The sign up sheets to attend classes will be available, in-person at the start of the event.


We hope to see the hall filled with classes and that every class will be full!! To encourage everyone to help fulfill this dream we offer a challenge. Each person will receive a site token (of course) and a small pouch as they enter the event. For every hour taught and every hour spent in class, participants will receive additional tokens. These tokens may be kept or given away to others as tokens of appreciation or inspiration. At the conclusion of the day, the person with the most tokens will win a prize.


Showcase Display


And what day of Arts and Sciences would be complete without a display?!? For those who wish to display, what they have already learned and created, they MAY:

* Display works-in-progress, completed works, or a combination.

* Provide written documentation or choose not to. The 1-page documentation form currently being used by the kingdom can be found at

* Display whatever # of items they choose, but should limit themselves to 3 feet of table space.


We encourage you to leave a notebook with your art for any feedback/messages while you are attending or teaching classes. To sign up for the display, submit your entry at .


Who to Contact


For information about teaching, classes, or display, please contact the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Office by email: or Mistress Emeludt (mka Kimberley Noe on FB messenger).


For additional information regarding the event, please check the book of faces or contact the event stewards: Baroness Valdis Skarpa (mka Valerie Culling) – email,Master Ritchyrd McUath (mka Richard Handley) – email 


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