Abacus Herald

by | Last updated Mar 1, 2024 | All News, Volunteer Positions

Do you want to help keep our Order of Precedence up to date and accurate? Do you have an interest in all the awards given in this Kingdom, both at the Kingdom and the Baronial level? If so, then Abacus Herald might just be the position for you! Duties of this office include:

  • Updating the Order of Precedence in online formats
  • Entering recipient awards from courts at the Kingdom and Baronial Level Assisting with the Wiki pages for the Kingdom Working closely with the Kingdom Webmin and media officers
  • Reviewing Charters and Awards within the Kingdom with the Crown and Barons and Baronesses.
  • Reporting to the Aten Principal Herald.

On average there is about a 10 hour monthly commitment for this position. Please send letters of intent to Herald@atenveldt.org, and Seneschal@atenveldt.org.

Kingdom Webminister

The Atenveldt Webminister is responsible for maintaining the kingdom website, op, wiki and other resources such as email through the kingdom gsuite.
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