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The Signet is responsible for ensuring creation of unique art pieces are created to accompany awards given by the Crown. The office coordinates scribes (calligraphers, illuminators, printers, and other artisans) who make these beautiful works.

Missing a scroll?

If you received an Atenveldt Kingdom award which has been documented in the Kingdom Order of Precidence but either never recieved a scroll, or the scroll was lost/damaged beyond repair through extenuating curcumstances, we would be happy to arrange for a scroll to be made in it’s place.

Find a Scribal Session

The Kingdom has many different local scribal groups who generally gather on a weekly or monthly basis. Please check out the Kingdom Scribal Facebook page to connect with your local scribes.

Kingdom Signet

Sigridr Ulfsdottir de Lacy


Warrant Ends: 9/8/22

Deputy Kingdom Scribe

Ian’ka ivanovna zhena ptrovitsa


Warrant Ends: 9/8/21

Deputy Kingdom Scribe

Caroline Marie de Fontenailles

Warrant Ends: 9/12/21

Deputy Kingdom Scribe

Ceridwen Verch Deykin


Warrant Ends: 11/3/21
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