War of the Phoenix

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About the Event:

Floods, plague, and, time attempted to burn down our dream. 

But it did not succeed! 

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes in the Shadow of the Estrella Mountains, a new creature emerges to carry us on its wings to new solar heights. 

Can you hear the war drums? 

Do you remember the smell of a crackling campfire? 

Has it been too long since you camped with your SCA friends and made new ones along the way?

Come forward into the past with us to remember why we live for this dream. This event is an entirely new event where we will honor our past while we build a new future together. Cast off your old expectations and come with a yearning for camaraderie and chivalry, for knowledge gained and skills learned, and for new memories being made with friends.

Important Dates & Information:

  • Sept 1-Oct 31 – SAVE $$$with EARLY online registration via SCA-rs

(Oct 31 is our go/no go date) 

About the Site:

This site is the  Phoenix International Raceway Campground. No personal golf carts, ATVs, razors, etc. are allowed. Only food trucks and food vendors that are pre-approved by PIR will be invited to be food vendors.  


  • Above-ground fire pits (wood and propane)
  • Pets on leashes
  • Tent staking
  • Dry RV camping in two designated parking lots

Gate Hours:

General access to the site is controlled through a gated driveway that will be open for limited hours each day. After hours, the gates will be closed.

Open hours for entry:  8am-10pm

Event Fees:

Register Online Between Sept 1-Oct 31

·       Adult Member – $100

·       Adult Non-Member – $105

·       Saturday Only Adult Member – $40

·       Saturday Only Adult Non-Member – $45

·       Youth under 17 – $0


Register Online Between Nov 1-Jan 25

·       Adult Member – $125

·       Adult Non-Member – $130

·       Saturday Only Adult Member – $55

·       Saturday Only Adult Non-Member – $60

·       Youth under 17 – $0


Register @Gate Feb 1-5

·       Adult Member – $150

·       Adult Non-Member – $155

·       Saturday Only Adult Member – $60

·       Saturday Only Adult Non-Member – $65

·       Youth under 17 – $0


Premier Dry RV – $50

General Parking & General Dry RV Parking – $0

Merchants: $200 (includes 20’x25’ booth space + 2 admissions)


Online Registration is on the SCA.Org website. [insert link here]

Combat Activities

  • Armored Combat
  • Target Archery
  • Rapier
  • Cut & Thrust
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Combat Archery

Non-combat Activities:

  • Grand court
  • A&S (may include displays and classes)
  • Youth Corner (tentative)
  • Heraldic Consultation (tentative)
  • Local group and household sponsored activities that are open to all participants – i.e., picnics, water gun games, dancing, bardic, scavenger hunts, games, etc.


For registration transfers – contact epay@atenveldt.org

For questions to the event mayor – mayor@atenveldt.org

For questions about merchants – merchants@atenveldt.org

For questions about land allocations – land@atenvelt.org

Register online @ SCA.ORG – [insert link here]

For refund requests due by Jan 15, 2023–  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScjhoKfo6yx1vT9E9ZS_jQKrvhyDPF_5l2_dGo8OTdIlApY7A/viewform



  1. Is this just the old Estrella war?
    No. This is NOT the old Estrella war. This is a new gated site at the  Phoenix International RacewayCampground with a stunning view of the Estrella mountains.  (125 S Avondale Blvd   Avondale, AZ)
  2. Is this site subject to dirt and mud like former sites?
    This site is engineered and graded for drainage and the prevention of flooding and standing water. 
  3. What if enough people don’t register online before Oct 31, 2022?
    We won’t have an event if the financial goals are not met.
  4. Can we have fire pits? Pets?
    You may have above-ground fire pits with wood or propane. Well-behaved pets on leashes are welcome. You can even stake your tent.
  5. Is there a noise curfew?
    Yes, noise restrictions begin after midnight.
  6. How will land be allocated?
    This is a large site with plenty of room for baronies and households who choose to camp near one another. The Land Deputy will arrange space as registration progresses.
  7. What will the weather be like in early February?
    If you can predict the weather in advance, you should purchase a lottery ticket! Prepare for hot, cold, wet, dry, sunny, cloudy, etc.
  8. How is the cell signal onsite?
    The site has strong, free wifi and a 5g cell tower. You could even work online if you had to (But who wants to do that?). PHXRACEWAY_GUESTWIFI
  9. If I can’t attend, can I get a refund?
    Refunds may be requested using the online form (see links above) until January 15, 2023 and are subject to a $5 non-refundable fee. Event fee transfers to other people may be requested until January 25, 2023 by emailing the registration deputy epay@atenveldt.org
  10. Will there be parking for RVs?
    Yes! General RV parking and general parking are free, and there are  premium dry RV parking spots very close to the town center and battlefields, for an additional fee.
  11. Can I pay for just one day?
    The event fee is for the entire event. The only “day trip” option is for Saturday.
  12. Why are the event fees so high?
    The event fees and refund policy are similar to other multi-day events held throughout the SCA Known World. Early online registration provides a significantdiscount and access to the site a day earlier than other participants.
  13. With limited amenities, will there be merchants and food?
    Due to site restrictions and contracts, only food trucks & food vendors that are pre-approved by PIR will be invited to participate.

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