To the Competitors of Crown Tournament

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Unto the competitors of Crown Tournament for Atenveldt,


It was my hope that by the time I sent this, we would have a solid bid in place for the replacement tournament. At this time, we have several promising intended bids. I wanted to advise you of the potential for locations – please be prepared to travel to any area between Kingman, AZ and Tucson, AZ the weekend of April 9. Generally, kingdom weekends will land on the third weekend of the month; however, in this case that landed on a holiday that might make it more difficult to travel. The law allows a change in that case to the weekend prior or after. Since we are coming into warmer months, the weekend prior seemed prudent.

Here’s the more important part. If you are entering in this crown tournament, you must be prepared for an immediate coronation. There will be an opportunity to celebrate being the heirs for a brief period of time, but Coronation is intended to be the evening of the tournament. Champion celebrations will be the following day.

While this is an unusual state of affairs for us, it is not the first time such things have occurred. I retrieved information from someone who experienced this and she had this to share:


May those who receive these words, receive them with grace and joy. 

The combined Crown Tournament + Coronation approaches. Once upon a time, the now-retired Principality of the Sun also experienced a need to host a similar event, not once, but twice! I had the great fortune to be selected as Consort by Viscount Drucilus Shoemaker (then von Oberbessenbach) on both occasions.

We all hope to have the time to plan for an event such as Coronation, and when circumstances force us to adapt, we lose part of that hope-filled planning. Having had this unique experience, I would like to offer suggestions to those who will participate in the lists on the day in question (based on my own experiences from those events). I hope they help you prepare for the day.  

Bring a change of clothes and take time to wash up.

Even if you do not win the Crown, you have both been on the field all day. You will be tired. You may be wearing list soil. A fresh set of clean garb will make all the difference, so you can properly enjoy the evening’s festivities.

Have an idea of who you would like for your heads of household and retinue.

The reign does not run alone, and it will require support. Have an idea of who you would like with you to help keep things organized and running. Talk to them ahead of time, so that when the big moment arrives, you can all smoothly step into your roles (at least for that evening).

Don’t feel like you have to have a big Court the day of the event.

You have both just had the ordeal of the tournament. You will be both excited and invigorated, and also tired. Have an idea of maybe two or three awards you know you would like to give out that will really make someone’s day. Stick to those to start. Then build from there with conversations you will certainly have.

Use the appointment to your Guard and Retinue as your chance to reward someone and give them a moment in the spotlight.

You may not have an entire list of people that you would like on your Guard and in your Retinue prepared. That’s ok. You can take the opportunity throughout your reign to appoint members of the populace to your retinue as you visit their areas. It can become a badge of honor for them (and a moment of joy for you).

Keep your lines of communication open.

Having this very specific experience, you may lack the ability to pre-plan for awards, and events. Make certain you stay in close communication with your Kingdom Seneschal, your Peer Circles, the Nobility, and your Populace. Invite them to make recommendations the day you visit (if necessary). Keep an open mind and an open ear.

Have fun

You are about to have an experience that few ever will in our Society – doubly so for the type of experience you are about to have. Embrace it. Welcome it. Share it. You will have the ability to bring joy and merriment to your populace in a manner unexpected – BECAUSE it is unexpected. The lack of future-state planning affords you the ability to be spontaneous (within reason, of course). This can be a truly joyous thing.

In closing, I wish nothing but good fortune and favored fate on any who reads these words, and hold good hope in my heart for the upcoming tournament and selection of the Kingdom’s heirs.

May the light of the sun ever guide your path to peace and prosperity

Yrsa Gudrunardottir

Order of the Laurel

Last Princess of the Principality of the Sun

(mka C.S. Kading)


Please take her words to heart and prepare to the best of your abilities. Know that whomever should win, I look forward to serving you and your consort to the best of my abilities. There is much work to be done so that we may recover from the recent years of struggles. I believe in our ability to overcome and both my deputy and I will be steadfast in our efforts to support you.

I do wish you all the best and will share more solid information as the day and time nears.


Nichelle Whitewolfe, Seneschal of Atenveldt

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