Polling For Mons Tonitrus

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Lo, though their beauty and elegance has yet to wane, years have passed and the time for Baroness Mariette Dominique du Beau and Baroness Ilaria Volpe Della Scala to retire to their country estates has come.

It Is incumbent upon them to ensure their successors, that the Crowns of Atenveldt may be represented through the presence of a new set of nobility and the lands of Mons Tonitrus be celebrated through Atenveldt and the Knowne World.

It is thus Their Majesties pleasure and this office’s privilege to announce a polling shall be held in early July to aid Their Majesties in selecting the named successors in August, at the annual Mace & Greatsword event.

The candidates who have met Their Majesties requirements thus far and are eligible for consideration are as follows:

  • Lord Nathaniel Schaffer and Lady Swetiua de Torleton
  • Her Ladyship Hamasaki Eiwa Miyako and Master Koga Takashiro Kagehiro
  • Lord Gregory Whitehawk and Mistress Fiona inghean Mheg Uidhir

If you would like to be considered for the position, qualified candidates, please submit your letters of intent to the Crowns and Seneschal’s office by no later than June 15. All letters will be presented in full for the consideration of the populace through local publication and on the BMMT page on the Book of Faces by June 19.

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