Instructions for Submitting an Event Bid

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Instructions to submit a bid for Atenveldt Crown Tournament, Atenveldt Coronation, and Kingdom A&S events

  1. Approximately 6 months before the event, complete the event application ( that includes appropriate signatures and submit to the Kingdom Financial Committee (
  2. After the bid is accepted, contact the Kingdom Event Registration Deputy ( to set up online registration and payments.
  3. Send the newsletter article to where it will be included on all media channels, the Kingdom website, and the Southwind.
  4. Coordinate with the relevant kingdom officers for events (youth, combat, list, etc.).
  8. Coordinate with the Kingdom Seneschal ( to sign all contracts and provide a gate worker for waivers.
  9. Coordinate with the Kingdom Exchequer ( for advances, deposits, reimbursements, and the gate workers/cashbox.

Kingdom Social Media

The Social Media Office of the Kingdom of Atenveldt is the "official" Voice of the Kingdom as it pertains to social media channels on the internet. The office also provides social media guidance to other Kingdom and branch Officers. The Office is responsible for maintaining compliance with the Society Social Media Policy for all Kingdom and branch social media presences including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Groups, Meetup, Pinterest, and Zoom.
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