Bardic at Crown Tournament

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Bards of Atenveldt! Crown Tourney is Saturday, January 22, 2022.
During that lull after the fighting while the Chivalry hold their circle we would like to have entertainment for the populace – an “impromptu” bardic concert if you will – Impromptu being used loosely here as planned, but able to last for as long or as short as the conditions allow. Consider it a Pop-up Concert. Meaning we may have to end before everyone has performed, but we will get in as many performances as possible.
Here is your reminder to have one piece practiced and ready to go if you would like to showcase your talent! You are welcome to have more than one piece but we want to allow for as many individual bards/groups to perform before we have anyone perform a second or third song or tale.
Your performance should not be longer than 8 minutes including introductory remarks.
Please contact me, Magdalen, at Crown if you wish to perform and I will make a first come, first to perform list that day.
If you have to leave site before we get going, change your mind or cannot perform due to circumstances beyond our control, don’t worry, this is just to provide an opportunity, not book you to a Known World contract. 😉
On Sunday, January 23, we can get together for Bardic Pick-ups – Where we all just hang out and sing and tell stories to one another for practice and feedback.
Looking forward to seeing folks at Crown!


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