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The Atenveldt Principal Herald is the senior heraldic officer of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, the head of the Atenveldt College of Arms, and a Greater Kingdom Officer.


The Atenveldt Principal Herald is responsible for fostering the study and practice of heraldry; supervising the processing of submissions; and overseeing the heraldic activities of the Kingdom of Atenveldt.


The position requires tact, patience, armory and onomastic knowledge, as well as supervisory ability. Applicants also need a working knowledge of all SCA governing documents, Herald’s Administrative Handbook (both Society and Kingdom), and SCA Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory. To succeed, the applicant needs to be well organized with good attention to detail, have the ability to work within tight deadlines, and be computer literate with some word processing skills. E-mail and telephone access are required.


The applicant needs to be able to put approximately 10 hours per week into this position and have the ability to travel to events. For a full list of duties please read section III.A, III.E, and IV G of Lex Atenveldtus.


All letters of intent should be received by Oct 1, 2022 and are to be sent to:

Their Majesties Mark and Katrina King and Queen of Atenveldt:

Magistra Emma de Fetherstan, Laurel Sovereign of Arms:

Dama Nastas’ia Volkovicha, Atenveldt Principal Herald:

Duchess Nichelle Whitewolf, Kingdom Seneschal:


Kingdom Social Media

The Social Media Office of the Kingdom of Atenveldt is the "official" Voice of the Kingdom as it pertains to social media channels on the internet. The office also provides social media guidance to other Kingdom and branch Officers. The Office is responsible for maintaining compliance with the Society Social Media Policy for all Kingdom and branch social media presences including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Groups, Meetup, Pinterest, and Zoom.
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