Colleges (School Clubs)

Contact the Kingdom Seneschal to see about reopening one of these school clubs!

There are two state Universities here in Arizona. Each one has it’s own school club focused on the SCA! These clubs are the College branches.

College of Saint Felix (Active)

This college is affiliated with the University of Arizona (UArizona).

 College of Sankt Vladimir (Dormant)

This college is affiliated with Northern Arizona University (NAU).

College Meetings and Practices

Sankt Vladimir (Dormant)

Check out the Barony of Ered Sul for local events.

Saint Felix (Active)

During the regular Fall and Spring Academic Semesters, the college holds fighter practice and general gatherings on Thursday evening between the hours of 5 and 10 pm. Presently, these sessions are via Zoom.

This is a virtual event for all to attend!

Officers (St. Felix Only)

badge of the seneschal

Seneschal (St. Felix)

Magnus Grimsson


Warrant Ends 8/30/2021
exchequer badge

Chancellor of the Exchequer (St. Felix)

Grimald the Faithful


Warrant Ends 5/15/2022

Minister of Arts & Sciences (St. Felix)

Phoebe Kleines


Warrant Ends 8/30/2021
badge of the seneschal

Deputy Senechal (St. Felix)

Micah of Tir Ysgithr 


Warrant Ends 8/30/2021
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