Highlands War


Highlands War

Melee Scenario – 10AM

Friday will be focused on small unit tactics on contained battlefields. Think gates and bridges. There will be no archery or thrown weapons on Friday. All fighters bring at least one weapon of 6’ or under as I am planning at least some 6’ and under battles. One scenario we will do for sure is Highlands Soccer. Teams form up on opposite sides of the field. The objective is to get the sacred object across the field and across the opposing end-zone or into their goal (depending on size of field).

Melee Scenario – 10AM

Saturday will look at small open fields and broken fields. Again, bring 6’ weapons as well. Bring gauntlets if you have them. Archery and Thrown weapons will be allowed in melees. There are two things we will run if the numbers and fighters work out:

Progressive battle.

  1. All fighters begin with single sword.
  2. Upon their first death, they can res and pick up a second weapon in their off-hand (including thrown weapons).
  3. Upon the second death, can either pick up a mass weapon (spear, glaive) OR a shield in the off hand OR a bow/cross-bow.
  4. Final death is final.

William Marshall Unit Tourney

Split into two evenly matched sides (King on one side, Crown Prince on the other). Each team starts with a purse of points (i.e. 100 gold) and a treasurer on the sidelines. When you receive a killing blow, you freeze for 10 seconds. If an enemy combatant gets to you in that time they may capture you and take you off the field (you must cooperate). If you are taken off the field you must be ransomed back with your treasurer paying the other treasurer. If one of your own fighters can kill the person or persons who captured you so that there are no opponents within reach of you before you get off the field, you are freed. Play continues until one treasury is depleted or time is reached.

Treasure Escort Scenario

In this scenario, Team A, known as the “Caravan Guards,” must transport a treasure chest filled with valuable jewels. Two members of this team are designated as “Carriers” and must keep one hand on the chest at all times, symbolizing their effort to secure the treasure. The rest of Team A will surround and protect them from attacks. Team B, the “Highland Bandits,” aims to intercept the chest. Their goal is to overcome Team A, secure the chest, and return it to their designated starting point to claim victory.

Highland Ambush Scenario

This scenario takes place in a narrow mountain pass, simulating a typical Highland setting. Team A, the “Mountain Scouts,” starts in a dispersed formation, hidden, with the mission to safely navigate through the pass. Team B, the “Ambushers,” is concealed at various strategic points within the pass with the objective to ambush Team A and eliminate their forces. Victory for the Mountain Scouts is achieved by having at least one member safely exit the pass on the opposite side, while the Ambushers win if they can eliminate all opposing members before they can escape.

Siege of the Stone Tower Scenario

Set around a makeshift tower structure, Team A, known as the “Tower Defenders,” starts inside or around the tower. They are tasked with defending the tower from an assault. Team B, the “Siege Warriors,” must breach the tower’s defenses using strategy and coordination. The Siege Warriors win if they can enter the tower and raise their flag within, whereas the Tower Defenders claim victory by holding off Team B until a predetermined time limit expires.