Highlands War


Rapier Combat

Treasure Escort Scenario

In this scenario, Team A, known as the “Caravan Guards,” must transport a treasure chest filled with valuable jewels. Two members of this team are designated as “Carriers” and must keep one hand on the chest at all times, symbolizing their effort to secure the treasure. The rest of Team A will surround and protect them from attacks. Team B, the “Highland Bandits,” aims to intercept the chest. Their goal is to overcome Team A, secure the chest, and return it to their designated starting point to claim victory.

Highland Ambush Scenario

This scenario takes place in a narrow mountain pass, simulating a typical Highland setting. Team A, the “Mountain Scouts,” starts in a dispersed formation, hidden, with the mission to safely navigate through the pass. Team B, the “Ambushers,” is concealed at various strategic points within the pass with the objective to ambush Team A and eliminate their forces. Victory for the Mountain Scouts is achieved by having at least one member safely exit the pass on the opposite side, while the Ambushers win if they can eliminate all opposing members before they can escape.

Siege of the Stone Tower Scenario

Set around a makeshift tower structure, Team A, known as the “Tower Defenders,” starts inside or around the tower. They are tasked with defending the tower from an assault. Team B, the “Siege Warriors,” must breach the tower’s defenses using strategy and coordination. The Siege Warriors win if they can enter the tower and raise their flag within, whereas the Tower Defenders claim victory by holding off Team B until a predetermined time limit expires.