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BofA Gorget
Oh what a glorious weekend for the Premier Barony of the known World. So many of our populace were recognized and awarded in Baronial court for their dedication, service, skill and drive. Three cheers for the newest members of the following orders and awards!
Mitsuhide Shinjiro: Commander of the Sable Axe
Catherine Syl’vestrova: Commander of the Palm of Atenveldt
Auelyne Spyle Syngere: Azure Chalice
Orsula Gelso: Azure Chalice
Siraj Farhadzedah: Sisterhood of the Blackswan
Thora Gilder: Sisterhood of the Blackswan
Ermensinda de Champaigne: Baroness’ Cygnet
Nicholas de Santi: Palm Leaf
Agnes de Santi: Pearl of Youth
December de Santi: Pearl of Youth
In addition to all the awards given to Baronial member’s by our wonderful Baron and Baroness, many of our member’s were also recognized by the Crown of Atenveldt. Three cheers for the following people and their amazing acomplishments!
Trelon of the Woods: Star of the Desert – Gules
Mark von Neumannsgrund: Star of the Desert – Gules
Susanna Broughton: Star of the Desert – Gules
Rachel Flora MacDonald: Star of the Desert – Gules
Siraj Farhadzedah: Star of the Desert – Gules
Orianna Aethulwulf: Star of the Desert – Gules
Sean Gleny: Star of the Desert – Argent
Eirik Stjarnason: Golden Blade
Blaise Makkynnay: Golden Blade
Zack: King’s Sigil
Mitsuhide Shinjiro: Hawk’s Lure
Brando Coradini: Master of Defense

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