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Barony of Atenveldt

Premier Barony of the Known World. Located in Central Phoenix, Arizona

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From humble beginnings

The idea for the SCA began with a Grand Tournament on May 1st, 1966 in Berkeley, California.  By 1969 there were three kingdoms in the SCA, the West, Middle, and East kingdoms. Following the first grand tournament, an active chapter was formed in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  The Phoenix group chose to name themselves after the sun god, Aton, and velt, for land, now known as Atenveldt, the “land of the sun.”

In December, 1969, the Kingdom of the West created the very first barony in the SCA, the Barony of Atenveldt.  The Barony of Atenveldt held its first official tournament on December 7, 1969.  On April 12, 1970, Atenveldt became the first principality of the SCA, and the Barony continued, but as part of this new principality.  In January, 1971, Atenveldt became the fourth kingdom of the SCA, stretching at one point from roughly Mexico to Montana, from the Colorado River on the Arizona border to the Atlantic Ocean!  The Barony of Atenveldt has continued since those early days, which is why it is known as the Premier Barony of the Known World.

With information from Atenveldt, As I Knew It, by Duke Arthur of Lockehaven, Barony of Atenveldt 50th Anniversary Edition.

The Baronial Motto is “Nobilitatis, honorem, et gaudium vite“.  The direct translation is “Nobility, Honor, and Joy of Life” To Us, The Dream, Game, or Society is all about the magic.  The main components of that magic are being noble, living and acting with honor, and last, but most definately not least, fun. Since in latin there is no direct transation of the word “fun”, “the joy of life” seemed to fit well.

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