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Barony of Atenveldt Champions Expectations!

Greetings unto the populace of the Barony of Atenveldt!   On October 16th the Barony will celebrate the investiture of a new Baron and Baroness, Nikolaus and Valdis, and on October 17th they will hold tournaments for their Hardsuit, Rapier, Archery, and Bardic...

The Baronial Want Ads. Looking for a few good people

Baronial Seneschal   The Seneschal’s main concern is making sure the Barony is running smoothly. The Seneschal is the person charged with responsibility for the modern legal affairs of the Barony. Keeping the Barony running smoothly is by no means a task for one...

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The Social Media Office of the Barony of Atenveldt is the "official" Voice of the Barony as it pertains to social media channels on the internet. The Office is responsible for maintaining compliance with the Society Social Media Policy for all Baronial social media presences including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Groups, Meetup, Pinterest, and Zoom.

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