Newcomer Garb Talk

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Resources for getting clothed in the SCA
Join Morgaine at BofA Fighter Practice at Encanto Park at 8pm on Wednesday May 22 for a conversation about garb. This isn’t a sewing class. This is an opportunity to ask questions about how to acquire garb to wear at SCA events. Whether you sew or not, whether you’re more concerned about comfort, fashion, persona, historical accuracy or just easy and passable. Ask your questions, no matter how basic or complicated they are.
We’ll discuss a variety of things like what to look for at the thrift store, which online retailers are legitimate, where to get fabric, to how to commission your dream outfit without breaking the bank.

My goal is to share the resources with you that will get you into the garb that makes you feel good.
Bring your questions and something to sit on.
Future discussions this summer will include How to choose and register a name and device, camping in the SCA, A&S overview (who do I talk to to learn X?) and the Art of Volunteering. I’m very open to other topic suggestions. No matter what the topic of the evening is, bring all your questions about any aspect of the SCA you’re curious about or interested in.

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